July 2019: Ethiopia / Lalibela: wind brings destruction

Lalibla: wind brings destruction

An orcan wind brings destruction in Lalibela. Mesay, the local leader, is writing Monday 22. July 2019 about the incident

Dear father Dr.Peter and Dan,

Good afternoon. Today, sorry that I am telling you a bad news for us here. There was a very high-speed wind with rain yesterday and it distracted a lot in our town. The worst is, it severely distracted and damaged our HCB production shade. The share totally dismantled from the bottom and fall down on the neighborhood shades. I send you here some pictures and you can see how it was serious.

Reasons for this to happen:

The wind is unusual and it was with high speed and magnitude.

The location of the shade is exposed to this effect (it is located on the edge of a mountain and the wind from down the hill is high)

Out shade had no covered walls. The sides are open and this facilitated the effect of the wind. Of course, we left the sides open because the produced blocks need to get a free circulation of air.

The area is full of ground termites and that damages the vertical supporting woods on the corners.

This becomes really difficult for me and I need PBF’s hand soon to solve this problem. The shade has to be rebuilt again and the machine shall be protected.

Thank you very much indeed!!!

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