March 2019: Sri Lanka / Chilaw: Status Report

Status Report from our PBF Sri Lanka foundation (school for handicapped childer) as per March 2019

Dear Dr. Peter

Greetings from SriLanka. I hope that you are keeping fine. First let me thank you and acknowledge about  the money you have transfered to PBF account in Chilaw.

Just to brief you about the things that are happening at PBF Chilaw: We have started a eastern band with our small kids. It is going to be a colorful thing pro aiding opportunities to develop the musical talents of the students. We are trying to form some male and female two dancing groups.

Our students will have their annual Lenten pilgrimage to mawathagama Calvary . Fr. George will join the students. We started a small project to make candles to be used in churches. This will give occupation to 4 grown up students.

For Easter vigil we will make some special candles. Neighboring parishes will buy these candles to encourage our children.

On the 18 th we had parents  meeting to update them with some future events and evaluation of the last term.

Continue to hold you in our prayers. God bless you richly.

Fr. Gamini Perera sj

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