March 2019: Ethiopa / Gashena: extension of the clinic

Ethiopia Gashena: Structural extension of the clinic – a necessity

A summary of Ashenafi Mamo, founder and director of the Emmanuel Clinic

It is widely known here that the Emmanuel Clinic has existed since 2011 and offers nursing only in the legal framework of a “medium-sized clinic” with the support of the PBF Foundation, in a forgotten and totally neglected area of ​​health care. We offer the most comprehensive range of medical care and counseling possible, as is permissible at the mid-level of the clinic and required by the state. In order to ensure a sufficient spectrum in the future and to improve the quality of services, this expansion program is important. But it’s not just about quality, it’s about fulfilling the requirements of the state health authorities. Only with the financial support of PBF are now six more rooms under construction.

Upon completion, we will have four separate inpatient rooms, an examination room, two maternity rooms, a laboratory, an eye surgery room, a waiting room, an injection room, a small pharmacy, a reception office and a toilet / shower. 14 rooms are then available, of which eight were built earlier and must be renovated after completion of the new building.

The main reasons for the extension are summarized:

  • Quality improvement of our services
  • Increase in the number of stationary rooms
  • Clean shower and toilet.
    It should be noted that our patients have never been able to use a shower or toilet in their lives.

65% of the construction work is completed at the end of March. We expect that we can put the new rooms into operation by mid-May.

With sincere thanks to all
Ashenafi Mamo

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