March 2019: Keny / Nairobi: slum football (update)

Slum football

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Dear Dan,
Greetings from Mwingi.
We are happy to inform you that,we still keep the ball rolling.
What a beauty in seeing the youthful generation here substitute drugs abuse,crime and ‘idleness’ with playing football!

After the funding we received from PBF,we managed to acquire two sets of jersies,several balls and football boots and socks for our boys.
The boots and socks however were not to be given out to the players for free as indicated,since the initial plan was to generate something back,so that we can buy more boots for the players who did not get their share from the first batch.

We are happy to inform you that,the players who received the boots managed to pay the small fees charged on each pair of boots,which enabled us to buy more pair of boots.
These players too will have to pay a small charged fees and we can get more sports equipments for the team.

We also managed to build a girls’ football team here,and now we are one big sporting family!

We are now fully equiped with sports wear and participating in the locally organised legues,although we did not manage to fulfil our dream of featuring in the Division II league due to lack of finances.
The boys are only school drop outs or immediate school leavers,vulnerable from poor backgrounds and with no source of income,therefore it was difficult for us to fund our way in the Division II League which call for an estimated budget of atleast 6,000 USD per season.(It is in these kind of leagues where players get spotted by football scouts and get a chance to feature in the Kenya Premier League)

We will use our trees nursery project as our source of income,and try to raise and save funds so that we can fulfil our dream of featuring in the Division II League,since our players are now prepared for a tougher challenge. We are still keeping our trees nursery green,and we hope to sell about 2,000 trees seedlings when the rains come,which will help us raise some funds for sustainability.

We proudly thank PBF for making this happen,and we hope to get better with time. Our sporting future is now brighter than before.

Thank you dear Dan,
Thank you dear Peter,
Thank you PBF.