January 2021: Kenya, Nairobi/Mathare: School Built in Weeks

School Built in Weeks: An emergency school to rescue Slum children from the the effects of Coroba Pandemic.

How can children in crowded slum schools observe Social distance?

Peter Bachmann Foundation continues to work with the very vulnerable communities in several places in Africa.

Mathare which is one of the largest slums in Nairobi is our main station in Kenya. Through One World Network , a community based organization. We address various projects that target , children, youth and women who face incredible risk among them, lack of basics like food, water, sanitation, shelter and security . The children face even greater risk because there are not enough school places and the few that are available are dilapidated and and over crowded. The youth face various challenges and exploitation that often leads criminal activities including prostitution  and unplanned pregnancies.

Our programmes are critical in offering a safety for children ages 6- 15 years and youth of ages 17 to 25 years  where they can uncover their talents and realize their potential to become young leaders in their communities and beyond.

PBF supports a number of children in Mathare and other parts of Kenya like Mbuye  and Kitui. We keep school children in schools by providing them with basic needs like school fees to those in boarding and day schools, sports equipment, feeding in some targeted schools and reusable sanitary pads for poor girls.

Covid 19
The current Corona pandemic has added more misery to an already terrible situation. The slum school children stayed out of school for a whole year and cannot resume schooling because their former schools cannot be reopened due to the strict Covid 19 restrictions that limits overcrowding.

Our representative in Mathare saw this coming and requested PBF to consider a temporary school structure out of the slums so that the children can learn in a spacious environment. Through an emergency appeal to Dr.Peter Bachmann, we acquired a piece of land and we are currently putting up classrooms made from fabricated containers.

We are hopeful that this structure will rescue the poor children who are stuck in the slums to continue their studies.

We have also acquired a small van that will transport the children from their homes to the school which is 12 km out of the city.

We plan to acquire more space and add more classrooms that can be constructed within days to rescue these children.

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