Medical care

Medical Care Helping the invalid, when the government itself is paralysed. In Sri Lanka the costs for health are not completely covered by the government. The economic consequences which arise from this situation are also very difficult for the government Read more [...]

Aims and goals

The aims of the Bachmann Foundation Helping dreams become reality. Help in becoming self sufficient. This is what the Bachmann Foundation offers the needy people of Sri Lanka. Some of these people come from the lowest of castes, the potter caste. The Read more [...]

where money goes

concerning money...  where it goes Each single donated Franc goes almost completely into the different projects: In 2018, as much as 99.7% of the donations were spent directly on the projects, which means that only 0.3% had to be spent on "other expenses" Read more [...]


No matter whether they are about biogas, the use of solar energy to dry food, dairy farming or the different methods of irrigation all our projects in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Sri Lanka have something in common: They are all built on the three cornerstones Read more [...]


Facts concerning the Peter Bachmann Foundation Aim and goals Execution and financing of projects in developing countries in a personal respectful and responsible manner. Organisation Foundation lies under Swiss federal and cantonal law. Manager and Read more [...]