July 2024: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Mohammed Mushaga’s touching journey from a village to a master’s degree graduate

Mohammed Mushaga’s touching journey from a village to a master’s degree graduate

The PBF family is celebrating the graduation of our Mohammed Mushaga. He earned his master’s degree in foreign languages ​​and literature from Addis Ababa University and was awarded for it on July 7, 2024. His hard, tireless work and determination have truly paid off and are an inspiring role model for others in our community. The PBF family is proud to celebrate this incredible achievement with Mohammed Mushaga. The stumbling blocks and obstacles on his life’s path can only be described very inadequately.

Mohammed was born near Melkite in the southern region of Ethiopia. He moved to Dire Dawa to live with his uncle. As a child, he suffered severe burns from a kerosene lamp. This accident could have killed him. After several operations, both of his arms and hands were amputated. This was the beginning of a serious, highly uncertain future. In Addis Ababa, his family abandoned him. He literally had no one, no one who wanted to take care of him. After several extremely problematic challenges, the severely disabled Moha was taken into a charitable institution. The Little Sisters of the Order of Saint Charles de Foucault took him into their small clinic. He stayed there and went to school from there until he was 18 years old. His zeal, intelligence and commitment to learning secured him a place at Addis Ababa University– After the stay with the sisters, he found a room in Addis, but the landlord threw him out because of his disability. There was no other way out for Moha than to survive on the street. He spent days and nights alone in this metropolis. There he met our long-time friend Terfa Dinka. Together with his wife and Teshome, his helper, he had been running a hostel supported by PBF, called VDI, in the middle of Addis for many years, for people on the street, men, women and children. Terfa took Moha into the VDI. Now he at least had a roof over his head. There he spent his time with other people. He continued to go to university. Mohamed appreciated his new surroundings. Thanks to his literature studies, he recites stories, reads from books and delves into other people’s lives. He can look after himself, shave his beard and use a computer. When Mesay visits the VDI, Moha meets the person responsible for our projects in the Lalibela team. Now Moha has a direct connection to PBF.

With funds from PBF he can finance his studies up to the Master’s degree. PBF also appointed him as the nationwide PBF student coordinator. He transfers the students’ monthly maintenance, responds to their needs and monitors their academic status. Moha’s mother lives far from the big city, he took up a contract with her again and visits her occasionally. In this village, Moha cultivates avocados, fruit and vegetables. There PBF built a safe shelter for Moha and his mother.

On July 6, 2024, Moha was honored with academic laurels. An odyssey unimaginable for most people came to an end. This achievement not only fulfilled Moha’s personal goals, but it is also an inspiration for others who are disadvantaged by their fate. It is a great joy for the PBF family and its spirit. The spirit of PBF is shown in the fact that special attention and active help is given to the disabled, the sick, marginalized groups of all kinds, the poorest of the poor.

Terfa Dinka, the head of the VDI, organized a unique celebration together with the visitors to this center.

The people of the VDI were proud of Moha’s achievement and praised his determination and hard work.

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God bless PBF for making Moha’s dream come true!

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