May 2024: Ethiopia / Bonga: Fountain for the Manja Elephantiasis Rehabilitation Center

Fountain for the Manja Elephantiasis Rehabilitation Center in Bonga, Ethiopia

The health center for the marginalized Manja tribe opened on October 13, 2023. PBF intervened due to the unusual extent of this infectious disease. We reported on it. The situation has now worsened. The center currently looks regularly after 350 patients, as P. Mathewos writes. As a local priest, he is extremely committed to this tribe and its numerous socio-economic challenges. Economic marginalization poses additional, almost insoluble problems.

The center has a kitchen for producing locally produced oils. There are therapy rooms, a room for health education. There are volunteers, Catholic sisters and local medical professionals working here.

They work tirelessly to provide health care, education and hygiene for these people who have been disadvantaged for decades.

The lack of access to water made the work of preparing the oils and of course hygiene in general more difficult.   The use of donkeys to transport water initially helped. The distance is two to five kilometers. Abba Mathewos suggested building a traditional well. This has now been completed and operations can begin on site. This makes work in this center much easier.   Further improvements and expansions should be considered for the future. PBF’s commitment to the Manja tribe deserves top priority. Thanks to everyone who contributes here…

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