May 2024: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Food as emergency aid for the Easter Festival Fasika

For the Ethiopian Easter festival Fasika: Food as emergency aid for the most needy in Lalibela

Over the last 17 years, PBF has provided assistance to over 300 destitute families, both monthly and during major holidays. The goal of PBF is always to help families overcome their existential crises, break the cycles of poverty and achieve the highest possible level of independence.

A top priority issue is food security. Access to food is very limited. Regular daily meals are not affordable for many. The current situation has deteriorated disastrously, especially because of the precarious circumstances caused by the war. Our people need immediate improvements in the very tight financial situation, especially at Easter Fasika. In particular, the population group that is currently most at risk should be included in the distribution.

In previous years we passed on the Easter light with candles, a portion of meat and oil.

Due to the current famine, the team was forced to distribute only wheat to as many people as possible, but we were able to expand the number of beneficiaries by 50. The distribution of meat and oil does not seem appropriate to us in this situation.

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Everywhere the recipients expressed a big thank you to the PBF team.

God bless PBF!
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