May 2024: Switzerland / Wil: White Sunday in Wil/Switzerland: Wheelchairs for disabled children in Uganda

White Sunday 2024 in Wil/Switzerland: Wheelchairs for disabled children in Uganda

On the recommendation of Hans-Peter Hutter, member of the PBF board of trustees, the Catholic parish of Wil SG in Switzerland started a collection on this year’s First Communion Sunday, i.e. White Sunday.

The parish secretariat transferred funds 7908 CHF for the purpose of purchasing wheelchairs for severely disabled children in Uganda. The amount (10’000 USD) was transferred to Action for love in Soroti on May 10th. The responsible project manager on site, Jefferson, sent us some pictures. He also describes below how the collection amount is immediately used in full.

10 normal wheelchairs cost 17,000,000 Ugeinx (Ugandan currency): 4287 Fr.

10 sturdy wheelchairs cost 18,000,000 Ugx: 4530 Fr.

1 C.P. chair (for cerebral palsy children under three years old) costs 997,200 Ugx: 251 Fr.

Both from Action for Love in Uganda and from our foundation we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to enabling these children to live a humane life and to be able to better endure their extremely severe limitations. The celebration of the so-called White Sunday in Wil probably had a meaningful effect thanks to this active effort. Thanks!

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