August 2023: Ethiopia / Gashena: Groundwater projects

Gashena: Groundwater projects in July 2023.

The clinic in Gashena works in health prevention in different areas. The professional team focuses first on the primary area, basic care, that is, the prevention and treatment of diseases. This includes health education, various activities in prophylaxis. Many people die – worldwide – from contaminated water. Sanitation, well construction, etc. have been important components of the PBF aid program for decades. It is worth remembering that in the first decade of PBF’s existence (after 1994), around 2000 toilets were built in Sri Lanka alone.

Here in Gashena, too, those responsible have been aware of this high priority of clean water from the very beginning. Again, and again new wells are built for the very remote village communities around Gashena. The very poor population is also spared long walks to fetch water.

In this first half of 2023, two new wells were built for 153 and 159 families respectively.

The wells were built in such a way that animals can also drink water from a collection basin.  Our wells around Gashena have existed for two to seven years, require professional maintenance and care by the community, which of course in turn leads to maintenance costs for PBF, as the very poor population cannot participate in this.

The visit of Thomas Hostettler from Switzerland at the end of July was reason for great joy.  The people in charge on site thanked him and PBF very much.

Ashenafi Mamo, founder and director of the clinic   

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