August 2022: Uganda: Promoting disability , mobility, rehabilitation and autonomy in children

Uganda: Promoting disability , mobility, rehabilitation and autonomy in children

PBF, together with the local aid organization in Uganda, Action of Love International (AOLI), has participated in a program designed to support children with severe disabilities.

It is located in the Kapujan/Katakwi district. PBF is in contact with a young, dedicated social worker, Jefferson Kandi. Dan Amolo visited him in April 2022. AOLI designs its program for families with severely disabled children and tries to improve their living conditions. It should be noted that all disabled children of school age cannot attend classes, one third are orphans or half-orphans, one quarter suffer from a chronic disease. In order to reach the goal, the integration of the children, mobility, illnesses, therapy, lack of funds and poverty prove to be the most important difficulties.

PBF intervenes first in the promotion of mobility (wheelchairs suitable for children), promotion of movement, general health and improvement in the acquisition of livelihood of families. The goal is to enable people with disabilities not only to overcome their material difficulties, their poverty, but also to protect them from isolation and violence.

The assistance of PBF refers to seven families. With wheelchairs for children on the one hand and with the purchase of cows (dairy farming) on the other hand, the living situation and independence could be promoted in the summer of 2022.

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