August 2022: Kenya / Dani: Laudato Si, Indian Ocean Bee and Tree Project

Laudato Si, Indian Ocean Bee and Tree Project

A collaborative project to conserve biodiversity and improve livelihoods

In 2020, PBF initiated the bee and tree project called Laudato Si. Since then, we have successfully worked on five projects: in Ethiopia (Durame and Lalibela), Kenya (Mbuye and Kitui), and Uganda (Kasese).

The main objectives of the projects are food security, and environmental conservation through tree planting and beekeeping, which contributes to biodiversity and produces products such as honey, propolis, and wax for insect production. Bees need flowering trees and vegetation from which they can be supplied with high-quality pollen and nectar throughout the year. This means that to preserve existing trees, beekeepers plant additional ones while reducing the use of pesticides that harm bees and other beneficial insects. Vegetation needs bees for pollination.

At our site in Ethiopia (Lalibela), we have established a training center for local people.

Diani- LAUDATO SI Project

This is the latest continuation of PBF B+T projects. The Diani site is located on the south coast of the Indian Ocean in Kenya. There we will establish a training and production center. It will largely incorporate the East African region. There is an ideal tropical climate there, and the location is only a few kilometers from the seashore. The local communities are traditional hunter-gatherers with centuries-old knowledge of beekeeping and honey production. The vegetation is suitable for both agriculture and beekeeping.  Numerous native trees and shrubs grow on our property, ensuring that the honey is purely organic with great health benefits. There is also a small stream for irrigation.

Further information

The vegetation is particularly suitable for agroforestry, but also for education. The area is significant for farmers and fishermen and also has a great attraction as a tourist center for foreigners from Europe, Asia and USA. Through our registered PBF partner organization in Kenya One World Network (OWN) the land (3.1 hectares) was acquired after meeting all legal requirements and regulations. Its leader is our former student George Orimba, who is responsible for almost all projects in Kenya. Local authorities are also involved in our planning.


Our planned activities include a number of projects:

  • Borehole/well and water reservoir,
  • solar irrigation system,
  • tree nursery and orchards,
  • beehives,
  • planting of Artemisia and Moringa.
  • There are also plans to build a house, plus a simple guest house and campsite for groups and backpackers.

Since our project leader Dan Amolo, together with his family lives in Kenya/Nairobi until 2024, intensive support of this large project on site is guaranteed.

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