February 2022: Uganda: PBF supports people with disabilities

PBF supports a local community-based organisation in Uganda

ACTION OF LOVE INTERNATIONAL is a local Christian non-governmental organisation in Eastern Uganda that works to empower

children, youth and communities. Its aim is to address poverty, disease and injustice in partnerships, families and health centres, and to remedy them as far as possible.

Through participatory approaches, Action of Love International designs clearly defined goals that lead to the holistic development of children in the areas of intervention. The organisation works where conflict, poverty and disasters threaten the well-being of children and communities by providing comprehensive child care and development programmes. Its focus is on empowering disabled children, orphans and other vulnerable children to overcome poverty, violence and isolation.

Covid pandemic:

The COVID 19 pandemic severely affected the work of this organisation. Several people in need of various interventions such as corrective surgeries and mobility aids are unable to receive support due to lack of funds.

One of the most important goals is to provide disabled children and other vulnerable people with perspectives, living space, the right to change, courage and hope. To achieve this, cultural practices need to be changed as well as legal frameworks need to be created.


  • Support for disabled people
  • Provide education through sponsorship for orphaned and vulnerable children
  • Provide water and sanitation facilities to affected groups
  • Improving the health of children and communities through the provision of health services
  • Improving food security in vulnerable groups
  • Ensuring children’s rights and equality
  • Providing prospects for vocational training

Peter Bachmann Foundation
Through an appeal for donations, Executive Director Jefferson Kandi came into contact with Peter Bachmann/PBF. Contacts on the ground, but without any administrative complications, the decision was made that PBF should support this commitment in Uganda. With our financial contribution, medical care for women and children with acute disabilities could be facilitated in a very remote area in Eastern Uganda. The people in charge on site are very grateful and happy if the cooperation can be continued. They describe their wishes, their needs for their work:

  • Expansion of the rehabilitation and training centre in Soroti (Uganda).
  • Mobility aids such as crutches, wheelchairs, AFO chairs, hearing aids and artificial limbs
  • A van to transport the children when they are taken for treatment or to school, as they can be injured in road accidents

Training and empowerment for income generating activities such as poultry farming, fish farming in ponds, cattle and goat rearing so that vulnerable people can improve their livelihoods.






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