February 2022: Kenya / Diani: Laudato Si Project

The Laudato Si Project in Diani/Kenya

Here follows our latest information on the PBF B+T project called “Laudato Si”. As you know, the location is on the south coast of the Indian Ocean in Kenya. There we want to build a training and production centre from which the entire East African region will benefit. The area is located in an ideal tropical climate, only a few kilometres from the Indian Ocean. The local people are traditional hunter-gatherers whose knowledge of beekeeping and honey production goes back several centuries.

The vegetation is suitable for both forestation and beekeeping: there are indigenous trees and shrubs that ensure that the honey is purely organic and of great health and medicinal benefit. There is also a small body of water that flows through the site towards the Indian Ocean.

The piece of land we have acquired is registered in the name of a Kenyan non-governmental organisation, OWN (One Word Network). OWN is PBF’s Kenyan partner, carrying out various activities and projects in Kenya under the responsibility and leadership of George Orimba. George is a former student of PBF.

We have met all the requirements and regulations of the local government to transfer the land parcel, which is 3.1 hectares, from the seller, a community elder, to the PBF partner organisation. The process is in the final stages. We have paid 80% of the total cost. We still have to pay the government tax and I hope to get the title deed this year when I come to Kenya this year.

We have fenced the land and are currently working with the local authorities to build a well. This will provide water for our own activities, but will also be available to local people who do not have a clean water source and have to walk several kilometres to get water for domestic use.

This process so far has taken a lot of time. It is important to do due diligence according to local laws rather than rushing the progress, which could later turn out to be fraud. I see it as my personal responsibility to continue this process to its conclusion so that we can complete this project which is of great importance to the Foundation and the local people who will benefit immensely from it.

Next steps

  • Borehole/well
  • Water reservoir
  • Solar irrigation system
  • Afforestation
  • Fruit orchards
  • Bee hives
  • Residential house and shop

Dan Amolo PBF Project Officer
February 2022

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