September 2021: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Lalibela still suffering under foreign occupation

Lalibela still suffering under foreign occupation

The pictures I have sent you show the tireless volunteer efforts in the fundraising campaign to support the abandoned people of Lalibela and surrounding areas. I am honoured to have the opportunity to be involved in this fundraiser. Its aim is to collect both cash and in-kind donations here in Addis to provide relief to those in need. You know our population is facing a lot of political instability and more than ten thousand residents have been displaced from their homes to the nearest rural areas and towns to survive. Most people there are still between life and death and suffer severely from the lack of food, shelter and medicine, as there are no utility services, transport and banks since the rebels took control of the city, i.e. since the beginning of August. Therefore, the donations and food aid collected can go directly to the needy in Lalibela through the International Red Cross. We call on the international community and organisations to quickly deliver life-saving humanitarian aid to the people in the holy city of Lalibela. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart in advance.

Emamushu from Addis

The situation in Lalibela is still the same, but there are individual friends who are calling us from a safe place. There are two places where they can get a network connection, Geregera near Gashena and the other place is Ayna. From them we know that there is some security in Lalibela and nothing has been destroyed.

Our own situation in Addis is very difficult because everything is so expensive and I am afraid for my son Emanuel because he needs special food and there is no more open shop in Lalibela. It must be very hard for him.

Our families are doing well despite the occupation, but I fear if things continue like this, it will be much harder for everyone. First of all there is a lack of food, therefore hunger for all, there are no banking services, there is no electricity, no communications….

Please pray for peace in Ethiopia.