July 2021: Ethiopia / Lalibela: PBF recognition on Teacher’s Day

PBF recognition on Teacher’s Day

PBF’s contribution to education in LALIBELA is recognised and honoured by the local teachers’ association in July.

Teachers’ Day is an important event celebrated every year with various activities in Lalibela at the end of a school year.
It is a special day to recognise and honour those working in education who contribute to development. This year’s Teachers’ Day in Lalibela was celebrated on 15 July 2021. Participants came from the local teaching community, regional teachers’ associations, government agencies, administration and non-governmental organisations. During a half-day panel discussion, the problems faced by teachers during the school year, the possibilities and ways to develop the quality of education were discussed.
It was also emphasised and ensured that teachers can work in an environment that is good for them and that enables them to provide ALL children with the highest quality education possible,
The following criteria are considered for this award:

  • Teacher development
  • Standards and quality assurance
  • Exchange of experience on: Better working conditions for teachers and impact on learners
  • Recognition of outstanding teachers of the year
  • Recognition of various stakeholders and their contribution to education in Lalibela and surrounding areas.

For PBF’s award, the following aspects stand out:

  1.  the provision of school supplies such as books, stationery, chairs, desks and blackboards
  2.  supporting the boarding school in Lalibela with mattresses, blankets, sheets and more, so that the students who come from far away have a safe place to study
  3. supporting selected outstanding and needy students with a feeding programme that ensures a balanced diet and consistent attendance in class
  4. providing regular monthly financial support to hundreds of needy students to ensure that more students are able to attend school, culminating in entry into universities or colleges.

Our local PBF officers, Messay and Sisay, were invited and honoured at this important ceremony. They received a recognition award.

Messay Mekuanan