July 2021: Kenya / Kitui: Microcredits and Honey, update

MICRO-CREDIT PROJECT, update July  2021

Social transformation begins with people who are stable and especially in household incomes. In arid areas like Kitui, innovative thinking and creativity is key to family survival. Micro-credit program support from PBF has made affordable living in many families. These funds are life changing inputs and a priority for KICABA in initiating rural development.

Most part of the year 2021, the micro-credit clients have been performing well after several lock-downs were lifted by the government. The success of this micro-credit program and it’s community impact has been recognized through:
– Expanding businesses among our clientele,
– Enrolling new groups and individuals in micro-credit program,
– Training of more clientele on business entrepreneurship,
– Improved livelihoods among our clientele’s families.

Borne out of the success of KICABA micro-credit evident in the community, there are enormous requests. KICABA micro-credit staffs are now enrolling micro-entrepreneurs in nearby trading centres such as Kwa-vonza (22 km to the west of Kitui town) Kabati trading centre  (19 km to the north of Kitui town) and Kisasi and Mutomo trading centres (25 km & 72 Km respectively to the south of Kitui town). We access credit to a varied community undertaking that generate incomes: vegetable sellers in markets, art crafts makers & sellers, Boda boda(motorbikes) transport earners, mitumba business (second cloth sellers), food kiosks (vendors), farming, tree nursery raisers and sellers and so on. Attached are some photos for the same.

Why we need the funds

  1. We direly need funding for groups and individuals to initiate, expand existing business and diversify the activities within the micro-entrepreneurs’ businesses.
  2. Already more than 50-household-based entrepreneurs have been trained on business management and financial skills and yearn for availability of credit.
  3. Many people who previously lived in towns now live in the villages due to COVID-19 impact and are pleading to access micro-credit to make life affordable.
  4. Majority of skilled but non-employed young people are establishing different businesses as means of self-employment that lack seed money to start.

Request: I humbly request PBF for an urgent support. May this request meet your kind consideration.


Tree & Bee-Honey project (TBHP) report

This is an interesting pilot project that rekindles the indigenous skills in honey production and great source of income. Honey is food, it is medicine, honey is money!.

The ten beehives have now formed their colonies and bees are busy working in. August or September, 2021 is the expected harvesting time. The first harvest will give a good indicator of how manageable, viable or income generating the TBHP will be.

I have shared with local bee-keepers and are really interested in undertaking the business. More sensitization seminars are being carried out to get more people involved. One valuable part about this project is that you do it at your convenience, in a small space and does not need a lot of care. However, the community impact of this project can be enormous, transformative and business.

Patrick Kutu, KIKABA director