June 2021: Kenya / Nairobi: Menstrual Hygiene Program in the Mathare slum

One World Network menstrual hygiene program in the Mathare slum

This project, which has existed for years, not only gives us the opportunity to provide our girls with menstrual hygiene products, but also the opportunity to accompany and support them. Most of our girls grew up without this help and lacked any hygiene whatsoever. The girls can also tell us about their personal commitment to body care and their experiences. In this way we learn from them ourselves and can improve our efforts and understanding more and more.

Today we are celebrating this project as a team – and are now supporting 35 girls with a supply of sanitary towels for two months and also with five exercise books and pens.

I would like to thank all of our employees once again for sharing their time, knowledge and trust in our commitment to the girls and women in the Mathare slum for years. Above all, many thanks to all those in Switzerland who make this extremely valuable service possible with their donations.

Georges Orimba