May 2021: Ethiopia / Lalibela: PBF Student opens a Community Information Center

PBF Student opens a Community Information Center in Lalibela 

PBF continues to identify and support students from poor families to aquire education. Fikiru Alelebign, a 27 year, IT graduate says this about his experience under PBF support. ‘… PBF sponsorship and support through my education path has influenced my decision to remain in my hometown Lalibela to offer chances for my younger brothers and sisters ”

After his graduation, he knew that he had very limited chance for formal employment and could also not go to the big cities to seek employment because he knows nobody beyond his birth village, Kedemt, Lalibela.

Fikiru comes from a humble family, of 3 siblings and a singke mother who could have not put her children through school without the support from PBF.  He sought support from PBF to start a local IT center that would give quality services to the locals and also train the young people with poor background to aquire computer skills and access library services. He sustains the center by giving IT services to the locals, charges a minimum fee for training and also includes those who cannot pay, training them for free. The training schedule runs for 3 to 6 months. He also rents books from the library at a small fee.

Fikiru hope to expand the IT center to provide a wide range of services Including printing and photography services for income as well as continued service to the students who cannot afford commercial rates.

Dan Amolo

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