April 2021: Uganda / Kassese: community projects

PBF Uganda Community Projects

The PBF supports our community projects that includes food security,  fish farming and environmental conservation in our respective villages of Kighenge and Kinyaminagha, Kassese Uganda.

We IPOA orphans and widows association work with communities that have always faced both natural and social calamities. These are social conflicts, political wars, droughts, floods, land slides, diseases, extreme poverty, family and human negligence.

All of these lead to illiteracy, family breakages, domestic violence, crop failure, food scarcity, malnutrition, diseases, poverty and hopelessness.

IPOA, a small community based organisation which has remained working hard and vigilant to the voice of the voiceless and most needy families through the support of PBF. Through this partnership with PBF, the lives of the people from individual, family, and community level have gradually improved.

IPOA trains self help life saving skills through numerous trainings and workshops such as:

  1. Small scale organic gardening/ kitchen gardening,
  2. Rain water harvesting/ Concrete water tanks,
  3. Animal rearing and poultry keeping,
  4. Agro forestry for climate change and fruit harvesting,
  5. Natural and herbal medicines to manage common illnesses,
  6. Proper health, hygiene and sanitation,
  7. Home made soaps and medicinal ointments,
  8. Smokeless energy efficiency stoves to reduce the cutting down of forest trees,
  9. Bee keeping for pollination, food and medicinal, and income generation,
  10. Fish farming for food security, solving Malnutrition especially in children, and income generation.

Our target group are the inhabitants of arid and semi arid villages (desertic, excessively dry specifically: having insufficient rainfall to support agriculture) of North Western Uganda which don’t have access to running streams, rivers and lakes.

Orphans and other vulnerable impoverished lives are being given skills in Carpentry and Joinary, Metal Fabrication, Tailoring and Knitting. This enables those who complete the training to either establish their own working places, or seek jobs from well established workshops, and they start earning a living.

Individual persons, families and communities benefiting from PBF support related to life style and politics that have resulted into greed and negative competition.

On 21st December 2020 we received financial support that we have used to do the following:

  • Construction and stocking fingerlings of 29 Fish ponds for the Kinyaminagha people with Disabilities group.
  • Bee and Tree Project. Buying of modern Bee hives, seeds and seedling material for the group members and installation on their farms.

Thanks so much for the support which is restoring happiness and livelihood of most families in our community especially the disabled people.

However, we are still posed with the challenge of getting the remaining feeds which will be given to the young fish for the next 4 months till the harvesting time.

Otherwise we want to express our utmost thanks and appreciation  to the entire PBF family.

Thomas Kenja
IPOA community,
Kassese, Uganda.

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