March 2021: Kenya / Nairobi: Further progress in health care in the slum of Mathare

Further progress in health care in the slum of Mathare in Nairobi

We are making good progress with our Afya Mtaani project, thanks to PBF’s help. I’ll be happy to keep you posted on our progress. See our previous report:

The start of our project goes back to last year in June. At that time, four very dedicated young health professionals started it in the slum of Mathare. This was connected with numerous difficulties, which we were able to overcome with the professional support of Dan Amolo. Thus, we managed to meet many residents of this slum settlement directly. They gladly took advantage of our services and simple consultations. The need for our activity took on special weight due to the spread of Covid-19 among the slum dwellers.  They are known to lack essential medical provisions and access to government health care.  The latter had to struggle above all against the immense pressure of Covid-19. For this very reason, our aid took on a very special significance.

This is how we managed to create solid assistance plans for our patients. These suffer mainly from hypertension, diabetes mellitus, HIV and other socially related problems such as teenage pregnancy. The latter was given an additional topicality by the closure of schools because of Covid.

We became increasingly aware of the large deficit in the health care system through our activities in Mathare. Therefore we decided to facilitate the contact to our patients.  Whenever possible, we want to accompany them directly and not deport them to other institutions.

PBF has unbureaucratically released the financial means for this. Our team is extremely grateful for this.

We found rooms that we furnished for our needs. In January we were able to complete the most important preparations and are now waiting for the official approval from the local health authority. We are convinced in our team that we have done our best, but we are also fully aware that there is still a lot ahead of us.

Kiadis G. Makori, AfyaMtaani Initiative

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