December 2020: Ethiopia, Kurakur/Lalibela: Bread distribution


A group of three young people who have worked in local cafes and gained some experience came together and requested PBF through email to start their own bakery. We refered them to our local representative Messay who gave us a report on their background and commitment to to work as a group to established a simple bakery in Lalibela.

Tsega Sahlu is about 29 years old who worked  in a bakery for three years in Lalibela. The salary he got was too little to survive on but he got the experience in bsking.

Tizazu Yalew, a 28 years old who worked in a private Bakery in Addis for one year and got back to Lalibela with the intention of starting his own Bakery. He got skills for baking bread and making cakes.

Abeba Getahun is a 24 years old lady who has worked at a cafe as a sales person.

The three are close friends  who grew up together and have maintained a good and strong relationship which allows them to work together in harmony.

Their aim was to start set up a bakery business from which they can earn for a living and make their life and that of their families better.

They already applied for a container or a shade from the local government. And the government promised for them to offer a working place.

They requested PBF to help them get a local bakery machine and baking pans.

PBF responded to their request and Messay  bought for them the locally fabricated baking machine which we have given them to start their business.

We have further given them seed capital to buy initial baking materials.

They currently  bake  bread at night and distribute to retailer outlets in the morning.

PBF currently ONLY supports small start up businesses by providing them with initial materials and equipment that they can payback in small instalments when their businesses stabilize. Our representatives on the ground keeps track and provides necessary guidance where need be.

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