December 2020: East Africa: Bee and tree

Going Regional: PBF Bee and Tree Project taking shape in East Africa.

Bee and Tree Project concept is developed out of the need to respond to sustainable development and environmental conservation.

We started this project in 2 sites, Beekeeping in Lalibela Ethiopia and Tree seedlings nursery in Bondo Kenya.The idea is to support rural communities to continue and upgrade their traditional farming practices with emphasis on environmental conservation.

Beekeeping Lalibela
Lalibela a religious pilgrim destination in Northern Ethiopia known for Beekeeping and honey, originating  from the legendary King Lalibela from whom the town got its name.

With Bee and Tree Project we identified 4 groups to start Beekeeping.PBF established a training and demonstration center within the Lalibela township where local beekeepers can come, see and learn how to improve their traditional knowledge. We also have started a tree nursery where we have planted several local and exotic seedlings which we want to plant and even give out to farmers for environmental improvement and conservation. The center is already an information and training point where locals can walk in to see and learn. W have identified an experienced nature scientist by the name Ayele tp work with groups and give advice.

Durame and Dokku
We have started two more sites for Bee and Tree in the South of Ethiopia, Durame and Dokku. The two sites have received funds to for Bee hives and related equipment.

Our coordinator Abebe is in constant communication and contact with our groups whom we have provided with tools and materials as well as information to start Beekeeping and tree nursery on their land. Abba Mathewos and Yosef Zekarias are the responsible contacts in Dokku and Durame respectively.


Kenya and Uganda Sites
A youth group comprising of boys and girls who have relocated from the slums of Nairobi to start a tree seedlings nursery to plant trees to replace the forests that have been cut down by for timber and firewood got funding to start the Tree aspect of our Bee and Tree. They have established a fully functional tree nursery where locals can access seedlings. They run the project as an income generating enterprise to create job for themselves.

Our next step is to provide them with modern bee hives to put in the new forests they have planted.

We are also expanding to a community in Eastern Kenya, Kitui and another site in Western Uganda in Kassese where PBF is already supporting fish farming.

Dan Amolo