November 2020: Ethiopia, Bure: give smile to Tenaw

PBF gives me back my smile even though i lost my livelihood”

Our dear Tenaw, an epileptic young man who refuses to give up underwent a dental reconstruction repair to his face and teeth.

Tenaw got an epileptic attack in his home town Burre where he lives alone after his only relative, grandmother left to live in the monastery due to old ageand inabikity to care for self. Tenaw lost his 6 front teeth in the fall that also left his face with scars.

This was a specially hard time for Tenaw because he had just lost his 3 wheel motor bike Bajaj which PBF supported him to buy as a source of income. The bike was stolen and has not been recovered by the police. This triggered his epileptic attack that was a real threat to his life.

Despite the Covid 19 travel restructions and stigma assiciated with his disease, Tenaw traveled to Addis where he got his medication got epilepsy and and stayed another 2 weeks for his dental and face reconstruction.

He has since got back to his home town. Although he lost his source of livelihood (stolen motorbike), he is happy that he can smile again.

PBF work with communities benefits alot from these kind of positive energy and strives to reach out for more people of good will whose modest responses and donations help us to give smile to people like Tenaw literally and more.


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