August 2020: Ethiopia / Addis Abeba: Mohammed Mushaga

Ability beyond Disability : Mohammed Mushaga 36

Born in the South of Ethiopia, Mohammed moved with his uncle to the Eastern City of Diredawa where he got a serious life threatening burn from Kerosene lamp. After several operations both his hands had to be amputed .

He got accepted in a Charitable institution, the Maria Theresa handicapped care in Addis. He stayed and studied till he was 18 years old. His passion for education earned him a place at the University where he studied Bachelor degree in Foreign language and literature from Addis Ababa university .

Video everyday life of Mohammed <hier klicken>

He later got a rental house to live in Addis but the landlord ejected him because of his disability. He started street life spending his days and nights in the streets.

He later met Terfa who runs a PBF supported center for Ild and Sick street dwellers in the middle of Addis. He got admitted in this center where he has s bed and eats and spends time with  the other clients who walk in every day for a hot meal and a clean up.

Mohamed appreciates his new environments and he contributes to the center through his literature studies, reading stories to the Seniors.

He can take care of himself .He can shave his beard and use a computer.

He wants to do his Masters at the university. Now he is astudent of PBF .


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