Mai 2020: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Aragaw is now on his own two feets

Aragaw is now on his own two feets

His name is Aragaw Molla. He is 22 years old. He was born in the mountains, forty kilometers from Lalibela. The small hamlet is called Wodebye. There he went to school, up to the 8th grade it was possible there. Then he moved to Lalibela as usual, where he has lived for seven years and where he also graduated from high school.

He found a solid roof in his aunt’s house. She offered him a room, he had to do daily work as a wage and thus earned his living. Aragaw stayed there for a good two years, so until the end of the 10th school year.

And after he graduated from high school, he should have attended technical college.

But things turned out differently. Aragaw decided to get out because he knew that he would not be able to complete this training. It was all-day class. It was not possible for him to make a living.

So he first took the job of a watcher in an existing pool game place. The owner paid him 500 birr a month, which made him unable to make a living. He saw how well this business was going for the owner. There was great demand, but the wages remained very low.

Aragaw has very old parents. They live in his mountain village. Their expectation is that Aragaw will help them. After all, he lives in a city, live well for sure. Aragaw feels his responsibility for his old parents, for his family, knows their expectations very well – as is customary, by the way.

Now Aragaw wants to set up a pool game house himself to earn some money, to make a living and to help his parents and family.

PBF recognized Aragaw’s responsibility towards his family. Together with him, the team found an ideal location, bought a pool table and had a simple roof built. The pool table remains the property of PBF, but can be used by Aragaw for his work and for earnings. At most, the table can later be made available to other young people.

This pool table is located in a district called Kurakur, not far from the Amanuel Village, which was built by PBF. We chose this place because a new district is emerging in this area. Many young people go there to have fun.

Aragar opened his young company a good two weeks ago and has found a good income since then.

Since there is only one pool table game in this area, many young people use this place to spend their free time sensibly. You pay 3 birr per game, so Aragaw earns an average of 120 birr per day. In any case, he freed himself from his emergency situation in this way and is very happy about the great opportunity that PBF has opened up for him. New opportunities are now open for his future!


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