April 2020: Switzerland / Winterthur: Easter letter

Easter letter 2020

8408 Winterthur-Wülflingen, Wässerwiesenstrasse 67f

Dear friends and donors: Thank you

First of all, I ask for your understanding that I will not be able to pass on these lines to the friends and donors of our foundation in the usual way for Easter. To my regret, even now I can only reach a fraction online.

It is my intention and part of the meaning of these lines to thank from the bottom of my heart. A few days ago, some people remembered my 80th birthday (April 2). At other times, this round date would have been a great celebration. The following day, yesterday, I was able to find out at the Winterthur Hospital that the chemotherapy I started at the end of January effectively restricted and limited the activity of the tumor (lymphoma). “Our hopes were fulfilled,” the doctor told me yesterday during the consultation (before the 4th infusion).

Picture: This picture was taken 50 years ago with Peter Bachmann, who attended the Theological Seminary in Ampitiya (Ceylon-Sri Lanka) in 1970.

Special thanks also go to some donors who have contributed to COVID-19 during this period that our foundation can perform the enormous tasks of the most vulnerable despite scarce resources. Our website brings the latest posts quite often. They provide very specific information about the commitment of our own health professionals, in Lalibela / Ethiopia and elsewhere. On behalf of the members of the Board of Trustees, I would like to thank not only for your interest in our work, but also for every donation to Sozialwerke Peter Bachmann Foundation, Winterthur, IBAN CH95 0070 0110 5000 1071 8. As you know, hardly half a percent of this is used for administration in Switzerland.

It is spring at 20 degrees! The mild winter saved my geraniums from freezing on the balcony. I’m also grateful for that!

Easter 2020 is upon us – we all know it. A few years ago I quoted the late Prior Roger Schutz from Taizé/France in a PBF Easter letter:

Accepting the events, even the smallest, without ulterior motives, without regret, without melancholy, but in inexhaustible amazement – go on, go on, put one foot in front of the other. From doubt go on to faith and don’t worry about what seems impossible. Light a fire yourself with the thorns that tear you apart.

Let us stay in the great life force of love, which wants to turn to everyone, and let’s go together at Easter, the festival of love!

Kind regards Peter Bachmann


Nota bene: Unfortunately, the aperitif for the multi-anniversary in the parish of Wallisellen on Easter Monday had to be canceled for known reasons. For a long time the parish of Kloten had invited to an aperitif on June 21 after the service. It is currently completely open whether this is possible at all.