Februray 2020: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Getachew

CV of Getachew

I am Getachew Sale with 24 age. I was born in countryside “kolaye” 35 Km far from Lalibela town on April 15, 1995, from my father Sale Mezgebu and My mother Yaezeb Telake.my families are farmers and housewife but they divorced when I was age 4. I am continuing to live sometime from dad and some time from mam with bad condition without any family sense of love.

I started my elementary school in September 2001in Getermieda primary school which is 1 and half-hour from far my home with foot walk.

Then  I came to Lalibela town and I start my secondary school in 2010.

That was so difficult time for me because I have been helping myself by performing labor works by payment in my free time and mostly I learn students lower grades to get money as a tutor. My families are unable to help me because I have a younger sister and brother who need help.

In grade 10 I scored 4.00 in 2011.

Then after a big effort, I finish my preparatory study in 2013 and I know my score which was the best score than the other students but  I only got the second choice since my result decrease due to financial problems since I had lost time for other work.

Then in 2013 September, I joined a health officer department (HO) to Aksum university even though my first choice was Medicine. It was impossible.

Fortunately, when I was a second-year student I heard about PBF and I wrote like this to pdf. “I know that you pick a lot of life from the ground and put their life on the right track and I want you to pick my life from the ground too and be your son“.   Then pbf accepted me. From that time I am helped from PBf and my grade score also increased from time to time.

Finally, I had graduated with my BSc Degree with great distinction.

After that, I asked PBF to give me a master’s degree. PBF also accept my question and started my master’s degree in Human nutrition at Jimma university. Which is my favorite subject to continue even my Ph.D. for the future by it and my ambition also to become a Nutritionist

After I have started my learning my MSc I have scored good grade 3.90, 3.95 then I got 4.00 the maximum one.

I am also helping my little sisters which are learning Lalibela high school and preparatory by doing and advising student thesis data collection, entry, analysis in my free time. Unfortunately, my one sister failed to join university. That was the most horrible day. Even no solution now I have just to keep her.

Now I am doing my thesis on “Dietary practice and associated factors among adolescent girls in Yeka sub-city Addis Abeba Ethiopia“. I will also try to publish on the PBF website and other international scientific journals.

Which is a very important title for our country Ethiopia to solve maternal problems and for the government community and policymakers? Because In developing countries like Etiopia adolescent girls which are the future mothers go to motherhood with poor nutritional status and poor dietary practices. Therefore assessing and studying these groups of society is important for maternal and child health, decreasing infant and maternal mortality, investing in Generation.

I will be graduate in July 2020

My future ambition is being a nutritionist  (continue Ph.D. on Human Nutrition)

Finally what I conclude is “PBF is the backbone of my success and my whole journey. I will not be here without PBF support and My Dad Peter all over help. I have no word to say about PBF kindness

Thank you, God bless Peter Amanuel


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