January 2020: Ethiopia / Lalibela: CV Solomon

Solomon Molla – war experiences, but his dreams and visions, in his book of poems attracts attention at Genna and Timkat

My name is Solomon Molla, born in 1984 in Lalibela, Ethiopia. I lived and grew up in Lalibela. I am living with my mother Abeba Sefiw my wife Abiyot Derese and my five years old daughter Yohanan Solomon. Lalibela is 700 kilometers from Addis Ababa (the capital city of Ethiopia). I attended elementary school in Lalibela, about 500 meters from our home.

I was successfully passed the elementary leaving examination and I was been joined the Lalibela high school. In 1999 there was boarder conflict war between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Many high school students were going to the war. I joined the defense military for a border war.  We had won the war but we lose about 70,000 youths Ethiopia side.  After we completed the conquest of the Border war, we had backside to our deserved boarder. I served 10 years for Ethiopia defense as a soldier. After 10 years the defense sends off me with distinction pensioner.

I had back to my family (Lalibela) and continued my high school study. I am a 3rd higher scorer for a university entrance exam in Lalibela for that time. I joined Addis Ababa University to study Sociology. In 2014, I got a bachelor’s degree in sociology at Addis Ababa University.   In that case, I backed to Lalibela yet again; I stayed unemployed for a year. Since 2016, I employed for Lalibela town administration trade and industry development as a trade license officer. My monthly salary is $65 per month. It is hand to mouth but I am glad to help my community with my skill.

I am married to Abiyot Derese and we have five years Daughter Yohanan. But we are living with my mother. My mother is 75 Years old. She is simply living in the house.

Since 2016 I met PBF in Lalibela. I really appreciated every activity of PBF in Lalibela and another part of Ethiopia.  By chance, my hobby, my vision, I write poems, novels, and other arts. For 15 years this is my wish, my vision, my plan and my dream that has come true. PBF has helped me to publish my earliest poem tome. My book is now on the market. There are very good responses from the community. I feel grateful and thank PBF committee, members and Peter Bachmann.

The future

It is my hope and intention to publish more poems, Novel and journals and very interested to help local amateur clubs those who struggling to arts. I wish if I publish further books in the outlook. If I may say, this is what I feel I am here to do.

There are many bright youths. My friends those were been worked with me when I was in Amateur. They become journalist and are influential in the field of Art. Therefore, I wish if I initiate to exchange my experience, lesson and book read alteration for youths.

Solomon Molla/Abebe Zewdu

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