January 2020: Sri Lanka / Chilaw: new year

How we started the year

With the annual Christmas concert (see pictures)  we ended the year 2019. After a long Christmas vacation we reopened the school for the new year on the 6 th of January 2020. Our children came on the first day to school with lots of enthusiasm and joy. On the first day after religious observances and hoisting of the national flag and school flag the children wished the best wishes for all teachers following the traditional way of giving the beatle leaves. Then the Sunera foundation who helps us regularly, for music and dancing hosted our children for a little new year tea party with typical Srilankan snacks such as milk rice ( Kiribath) kaum, kokis and cake. Children really enjoy the treat. Some of our children were asssaigned with some home work to be done during vacation . So they presented the completed home work with  joy and self recognition and dignity. Parents accompanied their children in their home work at home. This little thoughtful exercise kept them connected to the PBF during holidays as they were at their respective home. On wendsday the 8 th January we celebrated a thanksgiving Eucharist remembering all of you. On the first day of the school I conducted a little program for our teachers to focus their service in the new year. Kind of a orientation program for them to enter into the new accadamic year 2020. This included a kind of meditation.

Fr. Gamini Perera SJ, schooldirector