December 2019: Ethiopia / Lalibela: IT Center started

PBF-Amanuel IT Center started successfully

Training is one of the most sustainable development aid, and IT training is extremely important, especially for young people in Ethiopia.

The PBF Foundation has therefore supported Fikiru Alelebign in setting up an IT center in Lalibela, where young and older people from the local population can make their first important experiences with computers and the Internet. Fikiru’s PBF Amanuel IT Center has now started operations successfully and the first participants will soon complete their first course.

So many participants have already registered for the second course that the maximum possible number of participants will soon be reached. The participants from the local population come to the courses every day and are highly motivated. Fikiru has set itself the goal of making the PBF Amanuel IT Center one of the best IT centers in Lalibela. In addition to teaching, the IT Center is visited by up to 60 people a day to use its Internet connection and other services.

Fikiru is happy and proud that with his IT center he can open the door to IT and the world of the Internet for the local people of Lalibela. Behind it are countless opportunities for personal and economic development, especially for young people in Lalibela, and thus an opportunity for a better future.

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