December 2019: Ethiopia / Gashena clinic

Another accommodation for the clinic management, staff and guests

Ashenafi is the founder and director of the clinic. He has set himself the goal of accompanying this clinic, which he built with PBF in eight years, throughout his life in an extremely deserted corner in the highlands of Ethiopia. His service to the widely dispersed population deserves the greatest admiration and recognition. The least that PBF can do for him is a safe roof over his head.

This simple accommodation (three bedrooms, a lounge, kitchen, bathroom) should not only serve Ashenafi, but should also be available to clinic staff, volunteers and guests. With this construction, PBF contributes significantly to the stability and sustainability of the clinic. Ash has been asking PBF to tackle this necessary addition for a long time. Thanks to generous Christmas donations, this has now become possible. 10 percent of the total costs can be get by own contribution (transport service).

At the Genna festival (Ethiopian Christmas), the house might be finished.

Thanks and joy are great.

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