December 2019: Sri Lanka / Chilaw: Christmas history


Mary is shocked at the salutation of angel Gabriel.
How can this be? Says she, with trembling, fear and doubt.
Reveals then the assurance of God. Fear not, everything is possible with God. She responds; “be it done unto me according to your word”. She conceives by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Joseph the innocent and genuine husband faces with doubt, how can
she be pregnant without human cooperation? Decides to leave her in secret without judgement. His sincerity is rewarded with assurance of God: doubt not………. He commits his life for Mary, taking personal responsibility for her. Takes her to Bethlehem for census, her time comes for confinement, Due to unavailability of an inn gives birth to the savior among the cattle. No mansion, hospital, nursing home, doctors and nurses, but only the responsible husband, shepherds, cattle and environment the eternal home of man.

His birth challenges him with death. Again fear, doubt and trembling
hit Joseph and Mary with unendurable sorrow and pain.
Flashes the assurance of God through the angel; take the child,
Go to Egypt. No complaining, Joseph obeys. Jesus, Mary Joseph become Refugees. The providential neighbourliness of Egyptians protect Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I stop here to query myself of my own Christmas celebration.

1. Have I really experienced God within me, with His assurance
which gives me self-confidence, when doubt, fear and diffidence
blow me?

2. Do I struggle with my own egoistic will rather than repeating with
Mary “done unto me according your will” and experience the
assurance of God?

3. In my doubt do I judge others with my pre conceived, uncertain
judgements or respect human person and become silent like

4. When humans say no room, environment never says so. It always
provides. Am I generous towards environment? Do I appreciate
it’s being and life?

5. Am I so selfish of my own citizenship of my country to the extent
of excluding others? Do I ever think that I can become a refugee
and need Egyptians to save my life?

6. I am a refugee in my own self, I can find refuge, space and
protection in the other and the other can find the same in me.

7. I find refuge, freedom, joy, acceptance and sense of belonging in
your inner world and Christmas self my dearest friend. Let us be a
Christmas to one another.

Happy Christmas.
Nicholas Nanayakkara