July 2019: Kenya / One World Network, Report


Report on our projects.

Reusable Sanitary Pads

Over the years Dr. Peter together with the PBF family, has supported many girls in Kenya by providing them with support to get reusable sanitary pads. The sanitary pads helps girls who cannot afford a sanitary pad, during their menstrual periods, the pads we get through the help of PBF, keeps most girls in school when they are experiencing their menstrual and also it’s hygienically for their health. Every month we get support for this project.


PBF, helps sustain children who come from poor background in the areas of mathare slums, huruma and mbuye village. Dr. Peter sends support for uji porridge every month, most children in some of the schools supported by PBF, only depends on one meal every day, due to the high rate of poverty, by providing the uji feeding in three schools here in Kenya, we attract many children to attend school, hence increasing the population of the children in schools. PBF supports, Olago Primary, Serawongo in mbuye village and now Page vision in mathare.

School Fees

Dr Peter supports some of the students who cannot afford to pay school fees in secondary schools and universities. We have 16 students supported by Dr. Peter Bachmann. Every month they benefit from Dr. Peter Bachmann support for the school fees, these students some are from single parent, and others are orphans who have shown positive results in their studies. Currently two have graduated from the university and are doing contract jobs with private sectors.


In 2016 Dr Peter bought a brick making machine, which has transformed lives in mbuye village. In 2016 we trained 5 youths from mbuye village who had a passion to work and earn an income, through these youths we came up with a site in mbuye where we mounted the machine that later brought more youths to join, the youths make bricks and sell the bricks, this support from PBF, has helped reduce crime rate in mbuye and has opened a door of opportunities to many youths in mbuye village. Currently we have two houses built by the youths using bricks. We plan to create a training centre and a rehabilitation room for the youths in the two ouses in mbuye.


PBF supports youths and kids in the slums by providing them with training kits and tricots they use in sports like football and netball. The support from PBF, is helping majority of the street kids, we every weekends mobilise the kids and youths from the streets to come play football, during the football matches we give them the training kits and tricots from PBF.