May 2019: Kenya / Kitui: 15 Years of Collaboration with PBF for a Microcredit Program

Patrick Kutu’s Reflection on 15 Years of Collaboration with PBF for a Microcredit Program


It is 15 years ago when our collaboration was born. I was alone but now more than 1,000 households benefit from Peter Bachmann foundation! How wonderful is this foundation!  A miracle worker or a life changer?

I had a Bachelor’s degree and no job at all when I met Peter, but now am graduating with a Ph.D. this year! I was hustling in all towns looking for a job, but now I employ other people. What a profound transformation?

It is like walking from ZERO to HERO, from slave to King, from poverty to riches. From inhuman condition to free and dignified life! The impact is great, individually and community I serve.

I met Peter at Comboni Brothers Centre in Nairobi Kenya in 2003, but it looks like just yesterday. I shared my dream, about a project in Kitui 170 kilometers away, but Peter travelled all the way to it and met the board, met the groups, met the people and touched them.

We began a micro-credit program for the less fortunate, with one, two, three people now it benefits and feeds more than 1,000 families. They borrow and pay, they get a new small loan and meet family needs. They grow their businesses and wean themselves out and new clients enter the program.

Since the collaboration began, we have benefited a lot, not with millions at a time, but little by little funds trickle down. Each year like a mother, Peter feeds more people and many more know his name. Many have not seen him, but many more praise his name, and God hears this!

Peter is gentle, kind with the local people, he is generous to share information and resources. long live Peter Bachmann foundation, long live Peter!


It takes a man, it takes courage to serve others, to move diligently, with honesty, integrity, and commitment to serve the poor. That’s what I deed, that is what made the foundation proud and that is why am praising. LET THE SONG CONTINUE….

Written by Patrick Kutu of Tungu Village, Tungutu Location, Kitui

Candidate: Ph.D. in Social Transformation, Tangaza University College, Kenya