March 2019: Ethiopia / Addis Ababa: kindergarten was opened and is in operation

Small mustard seed hope: kindergarten was opened and is in operation

Our Foundation puts a lot of emphasis on education, especially in remote rural areas. There the school way is often many kilometers far. Teachers are difficult to find. And like everywhere else in the world, people are drawn to the suburbs of the big cities, where they hope for work, survival and humble merit. Mostly they have to settle in slums. These are sometimes very close to newly built complexes. For children from these neighborhoods in Addis Ababa, the school supported by PBF is an opportunity for education in the immediate area. The opening was in September 2018 and is to be extended self-supporting starting from the new school year. PBF, especially

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Fisseha Getahun and Mekonnen Dender, have
adequate conditions and framework conditions have been created for this. The future of the school, the connection to the authorities, the parents and much more is their responsibility.

PBF’s Fasika Tesfaye has made a short video about it

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