March 2019: Ethiopia: Leprosy women are working on new looms

Leprosy women are working on new looms

The reformed parish Dübendorf collected at the end of 2017 at its bazaar for a PBF project in Addis Ababa. Once again, it should be remembered and thankfully thanked. Meanwhile, as planned, the workshop of leprosy sufferers can be sustainably improved as Fasika Tesfaye captures in a video.

Äthiopien / Lalibela: new looms 2019 (youtube)

On the website of PBF was on August 8, 2017:

The machines of the workshop of “Birhan Taye” are outdated. Coupled with an insufficient level of training in the work on the machines, this leads to poor productivity and consequently to very small profits. The cost of living of the group members can no longer be sustainably covered.

The local project manager of PBF Fisseha Getahun has submitted a project proposal and proposal to the PBF Board of Trustees to improve the situation: The machine park is to be equipped with new sewing, embroidery, weaving and knitting machines in order to increase productivity and thus also yields. At the same time, an initiative should be launched to train employees both to work on the new machines and to improve their understanding of how to handle money and business.