Fberuary 2019: Ethiopia: History of Shimels Sisay Belete to Dr. Ing. iur.

History of Shimels Sisay Belete to Dr. Ing. iur.

Shimels Sisay Belete from Ethiopia is a highly qualified young scientist in the field of International Law. He specializes in human rights issues.

Like many young Africans, Shimels had a difficult childhood. As a five-year-old, he lost his entire family. Her foliage hut burned down. In the orphanage of the Capuchins in Kobbo found Shimels recording. Despite many difficulties, he showed exceptionally good results in school. When Shimels decided to study at a university at the age of 17, the Capuchins turned to Peter Bachmann. The foundation accepted Shimels and accompanied his education.

First, he graduated with honors with a bachelor’s degree in law, then received a master’s degree, then received a position at the university as a lecturer and later as dean of a law school.

Shimels successfully applied for a scholarship at KAAD, a Catholic educational institution for foreigners in Germany. At the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt / Oder he received a place in the field of International Human Rights. With doctorate to Dr. Ing. iur. He completed his studies at the end of 2018 with distinction (Magna cum Laude).

Specializing in Human Rights, Shimels created an excellent background for international humanitarian law, in particular international terrorism law.

Dr. Shimels is undoubtedly a very special bearer of hope at PBF, he is a role model for other young people in Africa and elsewhere. He gives a clear testimony that, despite major existential bottlenecks, hard consistent work, resilience, support and accompaniment are important to success.

After completing his studies in Germany, Shimels returned to Ethiopia in early February to work on solutions to national problems. It will be an inspiration and help to other young students who are supported by the Peter Bachmann Foundation. He will accompany many PBF projects on site with great expertise.

Dan Amolo, Project Coordinator PBF

Dr. Shimels Sisay Belete thanks PBF for the many years of support

The letter from Shimels Sisay after completing his doctorate in Frankfurt / Oder in August expresses much that has moved the very gifted young lawyer over the past decade. PBF got Shimels off the ground literally. His letter of thanks gives rise to problems, difficulties, but also the unwavering hope and strong will to serve Ethiopia, his hard-checked country. As a small boy, Shimels lost his family, his parents and siblings, in the fire of their home. Completely on his own, he finally finds accommodation and company with the Capuchins. Of these, PBF was asked a good decade ago to accept Shimels and pay for the study.

Due to his pronounced sense of justice, he opted for law in Addis Ababa. After a very successful degree, he was barely 25 years Dean of the Law Faculty in Dessie / Wollo. Then he received a scholarship from KAAD, an organization of the German Bishops’ Conference for foreign top students. In July, Shimels defended his doctoral thesis on human rights in Ethiopia at the University of Frankfurt / Oder. His more than 400-page doctoral thesis has been awarded Magna cum laude. After printing, their content should be described in more detail on the website.

Our foundation is pleased and wishes Shimels a blessed further way.

Peter Bachmann

His detailed personal letter of appreciation to PBF is available in English <click here>