June 2018: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Handicapped Melaku

Handicapped Melaku

Melaku is a young man from Lalibela. He is severely handicapped, can use neither his left hand nor his legs. Only with difficulty does he drag himself along on crutches.

Of course, this disability affects his entire life, including his education. He can not follow the required pace of education after elementary school. But Melaku has a special talent: he is an artist in painting and designing. His preference is the design of T-shirts and other garments.

The Regional Tourist Office recently organized a formative art training camp for disabled young people in Gondar. Melaku was lucky enough to participate. After successful completion, the city administration provided him with a container for free with the aim that Melaku can help himself by selling his work. Melaku of course seizes the opportunity, especially because the container is set up close to the court in good business area.

To start such a business, however, always requires a start chapter. Drawing material, color, basic material and a minimal infrastructure (character scales, chairs, etc.) must be procured. Of course, the necessary money is missing, and moreover, the city administration insists that the container be used as quickly as possible.

This is a typical case of help for self-help, where the foundation wants to help, and where rapid support is needed. The required share capital is 28’000EBR / 1’100 CHF.

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