April 2017: Kenya / Nairobi: Reusable sanitary pads

Reusable sanitary pads

Reusable sanitary pads The One World Network is committed in Nairobis
second largest Slum, Mathare. The project administrator George Orimba
noticed a lack of sanitary pads. During the period, girls don’t go to

For years PBF and the One World Network supports the Pagevision School and the St.Maurus Special Children School, which are located in the slums. When George Orimba once visited the schools, he noticed that much more boys than girls where attending class. He talked to the teachers to learn about the reasons. George Orimba found out that the girls can’t afford sanitary pads, so they feel embarrassed to come to school without them.

He made similar observations with his women football team. From time to time girls and young women miss training without excuse. After long discussions George Orimba leaned that the reason for missing training is the same as for not attending class.

Since usual sanitary pads are way to expensive for the inhabitants of Mathare, the One World Network team was looking for other options. Together with the Mathare Children Foundation, they found a solution. This small local foundation produces affordable reusable sanitary pads. A four pack for about 10 CHF is sufficient for 7 months. 2015 George Orimba sent a project proposal reagarding the sanitary pads, which was immediately accepted. Every year between 600 and 700 reusable sanitary pads are distributed to girls and young women from poor families.

The Mathare Children Foundation teaches the schoolgirls about the use of the sanitary pads for free. George teaches the other beneficiaries of this project.

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