July 2016: Senegal / Dakar: Project of a free english language course for the poorest children of paracelles assainies slums


Senegal is a coastal West Africa nation located 14 degrees north of the equator and 14 degrees west of the prime meridian. The country’s total area is 196190km2 of which 192000km2 is land and 4190km2 is water. Dakar is the capital city over 1 million people live in Dakar making it Senegal’s largest city. Today Dakar is a sprawling, lively cosmopolitan city.

The statistics of education 2014 UNICEF report shows that a total 49.7 Percent of adults are educated and 78.9 percent of children at primary school are being enrolled.

Despite progress over the years, Senegal’s education system faces significant issues and challenges; these include regional disparities in school enrollment and completion, low levels of learning achievement, outdated curricula and pedagogical methods, and poor learning condition.


Base on these arguments and the fact that education is very valuable in the life of a children, we decided together with my volunteers team to start a free English language course for the youths of Parcelles assainies slum in Dakar as English language is today key for good education and a strong tool which open many doors for children future education.

Our target students are children between 6 to 10 years, boys and girls from very poor homes, we know from experience that learning a language to one kid give chances to other kids to have benefit of the knowledge as the students beneficiaries can easily teach his or her siblings, friends, neighbors the language at home by singing or practicing what they have learned during classes, this makes our project very fruitful as we will touch a large audience while investing our effort in a specific population.


The course duration is 6 months per session, renewable as long as we can receive support to continue our project. We will accept 30 students each session, 20 girls and 10 boys as we aim of encouraging families to promote girls education steel under discrimination here, and we have been lucky to be granted the help of PBF and we are now at the complexion of our second session of the language course.


  1. Help the children get fast integration in the community.
  2. Help children for their future Education by giving them multiples options.
  3. Promote girls education to reduce the prejudices of local community.


We expect through this program to help children in the area of their future education as to prepare them for future challenges when it shall come time to make choices on their carrier as we know English language is a strong tool that opens many doors for various training, universities, businesses and even some small technical part time jobs at times.


We know by experience that we shall touch a very wide audience as children learn faster and also teach faster. 30 beneficiaries of the project can easily spread the knowledge to 30 others children in their neighborhood through songs and games.

Hereby a forecast of the impact per year of each session of our project.

We consider that each children beneficiary of the program will transmit the knowledge to 1 of his siblings, friends, or neighbors through songs and games. Considering that our children can teach only 1 child in their neighborhood through songs and games, we will have 100 percent benefit of the program. In 5 years we will train 300 children who will touch an audience of 300 children, who as well shall spread the knowledge in their neighborhood. Base on all these, we shall conclude that this project is very useful for this community and the impact will be very tangible and extremely good.