July 2016: Ethiopia / Addis Abeba: story of Eskatnaf Mulugeta

Resilience:A story of Eskatnaf Mulugeta

The dream of success for young people who have faced misfortunes in their lives since childhood is a challenge to development work. Hopelessness and disillusion is widespread, forcing most of the very potentially prospective and energetic young adults to resort to very demeaning life situations.

Our vision for them at PBF is to make then discover their inner strength by enabling their capability to recover from misfortunes of life and adjust to change for better. Cultivating an approach to life that views obstacles as a critical part of success, we help them develop resilience.
The key factors here are positive attitude,optimism as well as seeing failure as an opportunity to learn. Young people should view obstacles as critical part of success.

In this light of resilience one of our boys in Addis Ababa, Eskatnaf Mulugeta  a total orphan who found himself in prison at a very young age is a real testimony. PBF got to know him through a friend who later helped him out of prison. Lonely in a big city, Eskatnaf picked himself up by developing an interest in cycling. With borrowed bikes from friends he trained himself. He later formed a group of with young friends who had similar difficult past. PBF has supported them by facilitating their training and competitions. They started with borrowed bikes but after proving their inner ambition by participating and winning several races, PBF has bought then appropriate biking equipment. They have performed beyond expectations in regional races. Currently they are training for an international Race in South Africa after coming in second at qualifications contest in Mekele.



This is a clear proof that with very little effort, human beings, regardless of their past can pick themselves up and rediscover their self worth and dignity. We are happy with the success for these young men and we would like to continue opening chances for more young people to take active role in shaping their lives through personal efforts .

Our team has five members including me and their names are as follows:
1.  Eskatnaf Mulugeta ( Which is me)
2.  Leul Mesfin
3.  Haftamu Asgidom
4.  Ashenafi Kebede
5.  Tomas Befikadu,