April 2016: Senegal /Dakar: Day of art for the youths of Parcelles Assinies

Senegal /Dakar: Day of art for the youths of Parcelles Assinies


In Parcelles Assainies Dakar consider as the poorest and biggest slum of the city, the youths under the age of 20 years represent 75% of the population living there. Most of these young people are not educated, neither enroll to school due poverty, so they spent their whole time moving around the neighborhood without focus or future. Very sad some gets into alcohol, drogue and girls are exposed to sexual harassment and prostitution. Due to these arguments we have decided together with my volunteer’s team to give a chance to those children especially the youngest between (6 to 15 years) to learn something practical which can later run help them occupy their time, earn little money and live in dignity.

Once of month we organize a day of art supervise with two professional teacher of art, organize in 5 groups activities, the children have choices of the activity they like most either painting, singing, hair beauty, decoration, or sewing. These gives them the chance during the day to learn something practical and being able later run with a little start capital to earn with the practical knowledge and live in dignity.




The last edition of the day of art was a great success, a total of 62 participants between (6 – 16 years), mostly girls, the activities started at 10 am and end at 5 pm. A total of 25 artistic creations.

One of the trainees AMINA was discovered of great singing gift, we close the edition with a local Senegalese song (BALAK WOLOF) created and thought by her.

We are very grateful to PBF and hope to develop this project in the way that the beneficiaries can go into a professional training during a reasonable period of time being able at the complexion of the training to be independent citizen living in dignity.



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