Ethiopia / Lalibela: Residential Housing for the poor Residents of Lalibela

Ethiopia / Lalibela: Residential Housing for the poor Residents of Lalibela

Following the devastating famine in Ethiopia in 1985, the Government of Ethiopia, a host of Non Government Organization and the citizens embarked on rebuilding the country and her population
Peter Bachmann Foundation, PBF, later joined hands with the efforts to help citizens recover not just in the areas of food, health education and shelter but also with but also their self-worth; PBF sponsored children education needs support to health centers and support for small businesses, Agriculture in this effort with wonderful results. PBF helped build Peter Village in Lalibela which was highly appreciated.
Although Ethiopia has continued to register great double-digit DGP growth in the past 20 years or so, this growth actually has widened the gap between the rich and the poor more so in the countryside and the small cities.
The Housing Project is to provide shelter to the poorest of the poor mostly very elderly widows living in the slums of the great and Historical city of Lalibela.
These are people evicted from a slum village that live in ‘World Vision’ village; this village is formerly site for World Vision camp during the work and food distribution during the famine of 1985.
These poor people occupied the sheds and warehouses and for the past 30 years, paid some little fees to the Government. They suffer during rains and respiratory sicknesses as the sheds are made of iron sheets both walls and roofing and are very cols during the rainy seasons and very hot in the sunny days.
The Government is evicting them to give way for a road construction without compensation but has allocated them plots of land of 120 square meters and no money or construction.
PBF responded to this need and lead by team leader, Mesay Mekuanent, 29 families being the poorest of the poor were selected as beneficiary.

Old houses they lived in

After the selection of the beneficiaries a budget and funds secured with each house costing 38,822.82 totaling 1,125,862.50 Birr totaling. These houses are very strong with iron sheet roofing with mud walls that are cemented white-washed. The iron roofs are painted with anti-rust paint for longer life. They consist of 2 bedrooms and a living room which is ideal for the beneficiaries.
Mesay and his team build the 29 houses in a record time of 3 months between June and September.
The unit costs increased due to unavoidable factors bringing it to 59,930 Br with a total of 1,737.975 which is equal to $2,853.8 exchanging at about @ $1= 21 Ethiopian Birr.

The houses were hand over officially to a truly happy and grateful elderly owners in a joyful ceremony by Dr. Peter Bachmann himself with the City’s Deputy Mayor and the area public health Officer. The PBF staff of Dan Amolo joined by their Kenya official, George Orimba attended with Dominic Dolla invited to help work with documentation with the Coordinator, Mesay Mekuanent.
The Deputy Mayor thanked PBF on behalf of the Government saying that PBF is doing a very import work with the poorest of the poor and has initiatives that have changed and continue change the lives very positively. He assured Dr. Bachmann and PBF of continued support from the Government anytime.
The Public Health official thanked PBF for the good work and collaboration. He pointed out that he will continue to keep an open door.

Dr. Bachmann gives a key to the house, and the white Ethiopian wrap already worn by the lady

Dr. Bachmann in response thanked them for their support that has provided a positive environment. He emphasized that, from now onwards, PBF will be referred to as Peter Bachmann FAMILY and that the houses should provide them with HOMES that will keep them safe and open doors to welcome friends.
‘I bring nothing but myself’, he concluded.
Two representatives spoke with tears of joy; PBF was actually sent by God.

The new Ammanuel Village outskirts of Lalibela city of Ethiopia.

Song and dance sealed it all with virtually everybody on their feet showed real joy and thanks-giving to God his mercies. Peter was hugged and kissed as genuine show of love and respect. A drink of soda and Ethiopian bread was prayed-over and shared with the greatest joy and unity no amount of money can buy anywhere. With each beneficiary receiving their keys to their new HOMES it was a day that God truly blessed for both the beneficiaries and Peter Bachmann FAMILY.