Ethiopia / Lalibela: Emmanuel Architects & Engineering Consultation Service

Emmanuel Architects & Engineering Consultation Service
Project: Lalibela- Ethiopiaesidential Housing for the poor Residents of Lalibela, Ethiopia.

Owned by one of the former students of PBF – Sileshi Dargie – who graduated with BSC degree in Civil Engineering, this project is also a very promising business which PBF has funded for its creation. It is the reflection of PBF’s goal of creating sustainable and self-employment based entrepreneurship opportunity for young and intelligent professionals most of whom are wasted staying idle searching for government jobs.

The project started functioning recently in 2014 aiming to provide multi-disciplinary consulting services to the public as well as private firms engaged in the development of various types of economic and social infrastructures and buildings. The business being operating in Lalibela, it has already started alleviating some general and specific problems of the society and individual beneficiaries of the project.
To begin with specific benefits, the project is generating income for the owner and his poorest families who used to be dependent of PBF support. It has also created job opportunities for 9 people including the owner who has got a chance to implement his knowledge in to the practical professional engineering career. From the societal perspective, providing such a service in the town has minimized the tedious traveling and extra-cost implications to get similar service from companies working in other big cities far from Lalibela.

This small scale business enterprise is aspiring for ambitious success in the nearest future with a vision of “being a competitive Engineering and Architectural consultancy firm known for professional and business integrity!” and setting its mission to Provide high quality and cost effective design, supervision and construction contract administration services on time to the clients.”

Currently, the office is providing professional services including but not limited to: conducting feasibility and engineering implications of proposed constructions, practical engineering services including design, supervision and contract administration of buildings, roads and other related works. It also provides services in other types of civil engineering works including surveying, structural, environmental and geo-technical engineering.

With all such promising start in mind, however, the office is functioning with the minimum license which in the near future may hinder its missions and visions to come true. Because, this minimum license – unless upgraded in to the medium or higher standard – restrict the maximum financial and activity based participation of the firm. To make sure that this limitation will not affect the future success of the business, it is essential to fulfill additional material and financial as well as human resource requirements to get the medium license certificate with which it would be legally possible to work on all business offers from our clients.