Kenya / Nairobi, Mathare slums: ONE WORLD NETWORK MATHARE 2015 REVIEW

Kenya / Nairobi, Mathare slums: ONE WORLD NETWORK MATHARE 2015 REVIEW


One World network is a Community Based Organization (CBO) that supports the Vulnerable Slum Children to realize their full potential through Education and Sports. One World Network aims to motivate uplift and inspire the Community towards Sustainable Development.

July 2015
We started our activities through the support from Dr. Peter Bachmann. PBF has funded successfully all our activities .We have several teams for both girls and boys in Mathare. We are playing in a local and popular tournament under two main names .The New Nairobi Youngsters and the Blue Sharks.
PBF through One World Network Funds all our Activities and sends us Tricots, and Balls as well as paying for our training grounds and transport.

August 2015
12 boys in our project were left orphan on this month, it was a sad month, through the help of PBF and Dan, we managed to stabilize the month, our activities went on as usual, girls played friendly matches while the boys went for football training with other teams in Depot Ground Mathare Mradi.

September 2015
4 of our girls got pregnant and had to drop out of school. We managed to counsel then and reunited them with their families and we are confident that they will resume schooling. Teenage pregnancy is very common in the slums because girls from poor families are exploited by people in exchange for little monies for survival. Most of the girls cannot afford sanitary pads and are therefore exposed to exploitation. Through One World, we have managed to step in and provide them with the basics that they need as they study. This has reduced pregnancy and abortion cases among our members.

October 2015
Samuel and George attended 2 workshops, and Loreen attended one week training, we were nominated by the community to go represent our brothers and sisters in that one day workshop in Kariobangi. We learnt a lot of life skills and got mentored. Later that month we donated uniforms, books and I attended meetings and invitations on behalf of Dan Amolo.

November 2015
We had a terrible Cholera outbreak in Mathare. Several our team members fell victims and through PBF and Dr. Peter, we managed to rush them to hospital in time where they got high quality treatment. The parents and guardians were very happy that PBF saved the lives of their children. This has given us a very positive image and all the residents are happy with our work and support. We only have Dr. Peter to thank for this.
That month became better, when our brothers and sisters resumed to the sports activities with high intentions of winning the games, our girls qualified for the finals MYSA LEAGUE under 16 out of 40 teams in Mathare and Huruma Zones. We also gave out newly donated Tricots and Balls that the PBF team gave us when I met Dr. Peter and Dan in Addis Ababa and Lalibela. Our girls went ahead and qualified for MYSA GAMES. I share photos down here.

December 2015
Our sisters went for the finals in MYSA KOMAROCK HEAD QUARTERS, where they emerged 2nd overall in that tournament .They were awarded best team in the 2 zones a cup and certificates from MYSA HEADQUATERS. I share their photos down here.

Apart from funding all our activities, PBF has continued to support the volunteers with monthly allowances and upkeep. Samuel is studying Management and George is starting his Photography College in January 2016.Evance is in his 2nd year at the University of Nairobi and Benedict plans also to join the University this year. PBF supports a Street Feeding project through Dorcas Otieno who feeds children who are total orphans and referred to by the OWN volunteers. Several of our boys and girls sat for their STD 8 Examinations at the end of the year and might need some support for high school. We are hopeful that PBF will continue to partner with us to give our brothers and sisters a purpose to live, study and play!
Finally on behalf of my fellow volunteers, Samuel, Charles and Evance, Let me take this opportunity to thank our dear Dr. Peter Bachmann and all those in PBF who collect and send for us these valuable resources. Tricots and funds. Our struggles in Mathare are in safe hands.
Asante Sana.


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